WX Spotter Track, by KB9JHU

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WX Spotter Track is an application to help track Amateur Radio weather spotters. The program is meant to be used by Net Control or another individual designated to keep track of checkins.
The application is built in Java and utilizes the OpenMap framework for GIS applications. This is in the beginning stages of development, so I do not have any file releases yet, however, if you would like a copy of the current testing version, please e-mail me (KB9JHU) at cshields2 at sourceforge dot net along with what counties that your watch area covers and I will send you a copy.

Current features

Features that are planned but not added yet

License / Credits / Support

WX Spotter Track is open source software and is free to use and tinker with. If you would like to help with the project, please let me know. I am also looking for any kind of sponsorship I can get, but hopefully in equipment, as right now I do not have any APRS-able gear to test with.

Special thanks to Josh, N9WEW for help with testing, ideas, and brainstorming.
E-mail cshields2 at sourceforge dot net.
Last updated: 5/8/03
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